Green Energy

In 2010, we recognise the need for environmental sustainability in the marine industry and started the development of comprehensive green fuel solutions; LNG, Ammonia, Methanol, Electrical Drive (integrating batteries, super capacitors, and fuel cell). ZICOM have since conceptualized and delivered innovative solutions to support industry needs, and the all-important global drive for reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

We deliver total life cycle solutions. Starting at project inception, we engineer the system for reliability, intuitive operation, end of life decommissioning and recycling (if possible). Together with our network of satellite offices and international partners, we deliver and support our mission critical system for our clients worldwide.

We partner with established maritime research institutes and classification societies for research and development, validation and fine-tuning of our system design.



LNG Fuel Supply System and Bunkering

Zicom studies each vessel unique chartering needs and configure our modular system to suit your operational requirements. We provide modular system solutions for low-pressure(LP), high-pressure(HP) and Dual Fuel gas engines, and augmented with matching boil off gas(BOG) management solutions.

Ammonia & Methanol Fuel
Supply System and Bunkering

Ammonia has attracted wide interest as a source of zero carbon emission fuel for shipping, workboat and harbourcraft. This fuel can be generated from renewable sources. Zicom studies each vessel needs and configure our modular system for fuel supply, bunkering and storage.


Electrical drive system is a pivotal point in marine decarbonization. Inherently, electrical drives are more energy efficient, and require a lower total life time support cost than traditional internal combustion engines. We identify the unique electrification needs and engineer our power solutions accordingly.

Gas Equipment

As an EPCI(Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and installation) company, we believe in continuous collaboration with Strategic partners to enhance our technical capabilities in technology based projects; such as Process Automation, Well Head Control Systems, and Flare Systems etc. We provide Operation and Maintenance and Project Management Services.