Electrical drive system is a pivotal point in marine decarbonization. Inherently, electrical drives are more energy efficient, and require a lower total life time support cost than traditional internal combustion engines. Zicom understand the unique electrification characteristics and configure our drive solutions to support the operational needs of the vessel.

Through our partnership with Danfoss Editron, we supply compact, light weight system which can be configured to fit into the confines of harbor crafts, workboats and other similar vessel type. Our system is primarily a DC based solution where prime movers, energy sources, energy storage and hotel load are integrated with power management control systems. The energy sources can be high efficient generators, fuel cells complementing the available type of marine battery storage technologies.


We also provide electrical drive solutions for our deck machinery, where they are integrated together with the drive system on a DC based solution or a separate multi-drive system (for mooring system) attached to a conventional Switchboard.

Either way, they allow the deck machinery system to capture and use generative power without causing harmonics, affecting the power system. For active compensations applications, we are able to augment our drives with high C-Rate solutions such as super-capacitors.