Gas Equipment

As an EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation) company, we believe in continuous collaboration with Strategic partners to enhance our technical capabilities in technology based projects; such as Process Automation, Well Head Control Systems, and Flare Systems etc. We provide Operation and Maintenance and Project Management Services. Through this Strategic Alliance we add synergy in meeting the varied clients’ technical expectations.

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ZICOM designs and builds process equipment systems and plants for the gas, chemical and refining industries. ZICOM employs the state of the art computer aided design and process simulation packages, enabling predictable and realistic plant performance forecasting.

Either a grass root plant, expansion or modification, ZICOM provides engineering services for projects involving Balancing, Modernization, Rehabilitation and Expansion for, capacity increase, new process parameters, adequacy checks for existing units and recommending optimum design for various oil and gas applications

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Gas/Liquid Regulating and Metering Stations/Skids (RMS) customized to the customer’s specification and industry standards.

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ZICOM Terminal Automation Systems is used in all the areas to co-ordinate the entire terminal operation for a virtual unmanned fashion. Primary function of Terminal Automation System (TAS) is to increase accuracy, efficiency and safety of the distribution process. it also enables terminals to increase availability and throughput while reducing risk and cost.

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