LNG FGSS and Bunkering System
Zicom studies each vessel unique chartering needs and configure our modular system to suit your operational requirements. We provide system solution for low-pressure(LP), high-pressure(HP) and Dual Fuel gas engines and augmented with matching boil off gas(BOG) management solutions.

The BOG management solutions can be a Low Pressure Compressor system where BOG is being conditioned for auxiliary engines and consumables. We can also provide a much more efficient and flexible High Pressure Compressor system(Patent) where BOG is conditioned for use in either high pressure gas engine and low pressure auxiliary engines and boilers. We partner with established maritime research institutes and classification societies for research, development, validation and fine-tuning of our system.

Our scope of supply includes:

  1. System Design and Analysis
  2. Bunkering System and Storage Tanks
  3. Fuel gas preparation system including HP/LP fuel pumps, HP/LP BOG compressors, Water/Water-glycol system
  4. FGSS controls system, including shipshore link, Emergency Shutdown, BOG management, Gas detection.



BOG Management

Critical parameters surrounding BOG formation are identified and simulations are performed to derive the most optimal BOG management solutions. These drives down vessel owner and charterer TOTEX, delivering much needed value add to the competitive marine industry.

BOG Analysis
Reliability Analysis

System Reliability and Safety Analysis

We perform FMECA to evaluate and optimize system reliability. These allow us to optimize on needs for redundancy, preventive maintenance and checks, recommendation for priority spares. System HAZID and HAZOP analysis is performed with owners, shipyards, navel architects and class societies to identify and mitigate ay hidden safety and operational concerns.

We deliver FGSS systems for the following vessel types:

  1. Harbour crafts such as Tugs, Ferry
  2. Offshore construction such as Anchor-handling & supply boats, Construction vessels
  3. Shipping sectors including but not limited to Containers, Car Carriers, Bulk Carriers, Tankers

We are also able to deliver the bunkering system for bunkering vessels, including the bunkering boom.


Compact 50 CUM vertical LNG tank for Tug
Deck Mounted 1800 CUM LNG tank for LR2 Tanker