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Daikin Products

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Zicom Private Limited has been the agent for Daikin Hydraulics in Singapore since 1978.

Daikin offers a wide range of hydraulic components such as Piston, Gear and Vane Pumps, Directional, Pressure and Flow Control Valves, Proportional, Servo Control for the Industrial and Mobile application.

Over the years Daikin has developed a hybrid system of a unique oil hydraulic technology using IPM motor and energy-saving inverter technologies mainly for the machine tools and plastic injection molding industries.

Daikin was the first in the world to introduce these fusion technology of oil hydraulics and inverter system and has been the leader in these hybrid system since then. Such system does not only contribute to the environmental improvement, it is cost efficient and revolutionises production processes.

The range of Daikin energy saving products are Eco-Rich and Super Unit Power Units, Oil Cooling Units, Inverter Controlled Chillers, etc. The oil cooling units come with two types, the circulation or immersion type. These oil cooling units are used for cooling hydraulic oil, lubricants and cutting fluid and water.

Hybrid (Energy-Saving) systems for Machine Tools & Industrial Application

Hydraulic Products

HS Marine

Zicom Private Limited has been representing HS Marine in this region since 2003.

HS Marine is a leading manufacturer of offshore cranes with the world widest range of cranes ranging from 5 to 1000 tons capacity.

HS Marine range of marine cranes are: Foldable Knuckle & Telescopic, Knuckle & Telescopic, Knuckle Boom, Telescopic Boom, Stiff Boom, Luxury Yacht and Pipe Handling Manipulators.

HS Marine Cranes
HS Marine


Emmegi is specialized in manufacturing Air-Oil Heat Exchangers and Water-Oil Heat Exchangers.

Emmegi range of heat exchanger are: Air-Oil Heat Exchangers, Water-Oil Heat Exchangers, Special Off-Line CSU series Cooling Units and HPA, TK series Heat Exchangers for Truck Mixer Application.


Fairfield Torque Hub

Fairfield produces high quality gears of all types in sizes up to 80ins for leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment, construction machinery, mining machines, trucks, buses, military vehicles, material handling and many other types of machinery.

Fairfield Torque Hub is the leading name in planetary final drives in the world.

Type: Wheel Drive, Shaft Output, Spindle Output.

Torque Rating: 7500 to 500000