Anchor Handling / Towing Winch

Anchor Handling / Towing Winch

We offer Anchor Handling/ Towing (AHTW) Winches that come in various configurations, with Pull of up to 600 tons.

Available in double drum waterfall, Triple or Custom Multi-drum configuration. The anchor-handling drums can be fitted with a Jewelry compartment for storing fore-runners and accessories.

The winch are fitted with spooling device. These are either mechanically driven and synchronized, or driven by electronically synchronized electrical or hydraulic drives ( where the spooling rollers can be opened to allow sockets and mooring line accessories to pass through). 

Depending on specific needs, the smaller range of Anchor-handling winch of up to 200T pull can be augmented with additional dynamic brakes to facilitate high speed deployment of heavy mooring lines, in excess of the installed power. These are standard on winches above 200T pull.

Drive protection is installed as standard to warn users of winch overload. Our winch is capable of releasing the line under full duty load, in less than 3s under conditions of brake on, drive engaged



  • Max. Line Pull 100 Ton
  • Max. Brake Holding 180 Ton
  • Line Speed 5 m/min
  • Drum Capacity 850m of Ø56mm SWR
  • Spooling Device Auto diamond leadscrew


  • Max. Line Pull 150 Ton
  • Max. Brake Holding 250 Ton
  • Line Speed 5 m/min
  • Drum Capacity 1200m of Ø64mm SWR
  • Spooling Device Auto diamond leadscrew

AHTW-200 to 250

  • Max. Line Pull 250 Ton
  • Max. Brake Holding 330 Ton
  • Drum Capacity 1500m x Ø64/76mmSWR
  • Dynamic Braking 280 Ton @ 0 – 70 m/min
  • Spooling Device Mech/Hydraulic Driven

AHTW-400 to 600

  • Max. Line Pull 600 Ton
  • Max. Brake Holding 750 Ton
  • Line Speed Customized
  • Drum Capacity Customized
  • Dynamic Braking Customized
  • Spooling Device Hydraulic Driven