Cable/Pipe Laying System and Offshore Cranes

Cable/Pipe Laying System and Offshore Cranes


IMECA enables its clients to construct the infrastructure for offshore energy production. It is at its best a sparring partner for clients, deeply involved in their operational process where their solutions can make a difference. IMECA provides lifting, handling and integrated systems & services for large-scale engineering structures in the offshore energy markets.

IMECA’s large portfolio of designs for offshore renewable and oil and gas industries allows to flexibly adapt to customer requirements based on proven solutions. Zicom provides pre-sales and after-sales support for regional clients.

IMECA approach and design focus on:

  • Uptime
  • Efficiency
  • Workability
  • Safety
  • Green Design

IMECA systems cover the entire range from a simple barge based lay-system for use on shallow water, or for high efficiency laying from sophisticated vessels including field development services. The portfolio includes but is not limited to:

  • Cable Laying system, including guides, tensioners and carousel
  • S-Lay system, including tensioners, sheaves, pipe-handling, welding & NDT, Rollers.
  • Vertical-laying system (Reel-Lay, Flex-Lay and J-Lay) including the tower, tensioners, sheaves, pipe handling, welding & NDT, clamps (emergency and travelling), PLET handling.

IMECA offshore crane portfolio encompasses:

  • Subsea Cranes (steel wire & fiber rope)
  • Pedestal cranes
  • 3D Motion compensated cranes

Agilis™ Subsea cranes feature IMECA’s patented fiber rope handling system enabling the SWL in air to be placed at unlimited water depth. They are fully electric, substantially increasing efficiency and decreasing environmental footprint.


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