Mooring System

Mooring System

Zicom mooring systems consist of multiple mooring winches with Centralized Control System and a local control on each winch. The control system can be configured in Duplex configuration ensuring seamlessness during critical operations such as pipe laying and drilling. The winches are equipped with a spooling device, tension and payout length control.

Auto wire spooling device can be integrated into the winch via sprocket drives for safe and excellent spooling of long wire. Alternatively, spooling devices can be delivered as separate units using hydraulic cylinder controlled or chain-motor driven.

Zicom mooring systems can be delivered in 4-point, 8-point, 10 to 12-point mooring. Our mooring winches are delivered with a pulling capacity of up to 250 ton and with a drum capacity of up to 3000m wire rope.


Electrical or Hydraulic drive
Hydraulic or Manual operated jaw clutch and band brake
With or without spooling device built into the winch frame
Variable Speed control
Local and Remote control
Emergency Release

Hydraulic Mooring System


  • Max. Line Pull 70 Ton
  • Max. Brake Holding 150 Ton
  • Line Speed 7 m/min
  • Drum Capacity 1500m of Ø46mm SWR
  • Dynamic Braking 10 T @ 0-120 m/min


  • Max. Line Pull 100 Ton
  • Max. Brake Holding 200 Ton
  • Line Speed 7 m/min
  • Drum Capacity 1500m of Ø52mm SWR
  • Dynamic Braking 15 T @ 0-120 m/min
Electrical Mooring System


  • Max. Line Pull 250 Ton
  • Max. Brake Holding 350 Ton
  • Line Speed 14.5 m/min
  • Drum Capacity 3000m of Ø76mm SWR
  • Dynamic Braking 70 Ton @ 0-120 m/min