Reel Drive System

Reel Drive System

Reel Drive Systems (RDS) comprise two identical hub drive towers, running on parallel fabricated deck rails for load lay and discovery. The design is robust, safe and reliable for optimum operations and the system is built in modules for ease of assembly and shipping. We offer the RDS as a standalone unit or as multi-reel handling system to meet customer’s needs. We offer the standard ranges of 350 tons, 400 tons and 500 tons capacity with reels ranging from 6M to 11.4M. The drives are also designed to suit a wide range of reels and capacities. The system is designed to deploy and recover the product stored on the reel at the tension of up to 15 tons and the speeds up to 20m/min. RDS is capable of supporting the reel and the product weight in addition to the gravitational forces caused by the vessel motion during operations.

The RDS consist of:

Two x single hydraulic powered Reel Drive Towers c/w:

Hydraulic jacks to raise and lower the drive hubs
Adapter plates to suite different reel flange arrangements and hole centers
Hydraulic skidding system for two or more reels
Deck grillage
Support cradles to suit individual reels
Safety platforms and access.



RDS 350 (Standalone Unit)

  • RDS Weight 65 tonnes
  • Constant Tension 15 tonnes
  • Reel 8.6M
  • Max Reel Weight 350 tonnes
  • Constant Reel Speed 1.04 rpm

RDS 500 (6M to 11.4M)

  • RDS Weight 150 tonnes
  • Constant Tension 15 tonnes
  • Reel 6M, 8.6M, 9.2M & 11.4M
  • Max Reel Weight 500 tonnes
  • Constant Reel Speed 1.04 rpm