Tugger, Mooring Winch

Tugger, Mooring Winch

These winches are the workhorse onboard the ship.

We offer a wide range of design and sizes, available with or without warping ends. However the rope used for this system must be able to be man-handled by crews onboard. They also need to have sufficiently fast speed, but yet offer precise hoist and lower control. This is important considering a fellow crewmate is handling the other end of the rope. We are able to deliver equipment suitable for merchant shipping, naval, offshore construction and installation.

The equipment can be driven both by hydraulic motors or electrical inverter duty motors depending on the vessel design. All options uses reputable branded motors, drive components which are easily replaceable and stocked world wide. 

Drum Capacity and Rope Type, and combination of the following features can be incorporated in accordance with operational needs. 

  1. Hydraulic clutch actuation
  2. Hydraulic brake actuation, with option for self-locking brakes
  3. Remote wheelhouse monitoring, with option of controls.




  • Max. Line Pull 10 Ton
  • Max. Brake Holding 15 Ton
  • Line Speed 15-30 m/min
  • Drum Capacity 150m of Ø22mm SWR
  • Warping Head Ø400 mm
Specs (HTUG-15)


  • Max. Line Pull 15 Ton
  • Max. Brake Holding 25 Ton
  • Line Speed 18-40 m/min
  • Drum Capacity 200m of Ø24mm SWR
  • Warping Head Ø450 mm


  • Max. Line Pull 20 Ton
  • Max. Brake Holding 40 Ton
  • Line Speed 18-40 m/min
  • Drum Capacity 200m of Ø26mm SWR/Mooring Line
  • Warping Head Ø450 mm