Windlass (Not in use)

We offers a wide range of anchor winch windlass design and sizes, available as a single or double gypsy, and with a combination of drums, warping ends to suit operational requirements. We are able to delivery equipment suitable for merchant shipping, naval, offshore construction and installation.

Most windlass for merchant ships are designed and certified according to rules and regulation by IACS classification society. The windlass specifications can be designed as standard anchoring depth, or deepwater anchoring, which will require a higher duty pull.

The equipment can be driven both by hydraulic motors or electrical inverter duty motors depending on the vessel design. All options uses reputable branded motors, drive components which are easily replaceable and stocked world wide.

A combination of the following featured can be incorporated in accordance with operational needs. 

1)Hydraulic clutch actuation
2)Hydraulic brake actuation, with option for self-locking brakes
3)Dynamic braking system, allow the deployment of anchor in deep water without risk to overheating the traditional band brakes.


4)Remote wheelhouse monitoring, with option of controls
5)Wireless control system for windlass
6)Remote windlass monitoring system for maintenance for fault logging with option of

Doublegypsy windlass
Single 100mm windlass/mooring winch 
Double gypsy windlass with mooring drum
HWL-XX  (2)
Single gypsy windlass

142mm Gypsy Windlass



For special vessel which do not have a chain locker, we are able to deploy an anchor winch system which uses wire rope in place of anchor chain.

Please kindly contact us for more information and our application specialist will get back to you for a detail discussion on your needs. You could also download our brochures from the link below.

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